August 16

Big Bake Sale Buffet!

Here is my bake sale news report. Sadly, columns don’t work on Edublogs so my post is just in paragraphs.

Big Bake Sale Buffet!


Although the weather wasn’t great, the food was on Friday the 5th of August, students from around KNS rushed over to Room 22 and 23 for an event to raise money for the refugees, a bake sale! Will it work?


It started with the preparation, emails, posters and lots of maths. “Everything was connected to learning” stated Mrs Peetz. The students had to work out the exact amount of money they would spend and the right amounts of the ingredients for their recipes. They had to send out emails to inform the parents and the teachers about what was happening.


People started pouring in around 11:45, starting with the year 3&4s. The classes were packed with ecstatic students munching on satisfying food. Everyone seemed to be having a blast.  About 2 hours later the bake sale was over, it was a triumph!

Despite the fact that some spent less time and some spent more, it all went to the same cause, the refugees. Most people really enjoyed the bake sale and had an epic day. “ I spent $3 on sherbet, snowdrops and lemonade” said Rachel. However, Bruno would have preferred “More Chocolate Muffins.”


In total, Room 22 and Room 23 raised a whopping $1102.60! The two classes were very proud of their accomplishment. Sean H explained that his stall had raised about $130 in total.


At the end, nearly everything had sold. “I would do it again because it was fun to organise and it was for a great cause” mentioned Coran. Overall, the bake sale was a massive success!






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